Through the highly respected research on non-verbal communication by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, we have learned that in message communication, verbal (words) accounts for 7%, vocal (tone, pitch etc.) accounts for 38% and visual (body language) accounts for 55% of message communication.

Despite the effort of the White House to downplay the recent tarmac encounter in which Arizona Governor Jan Brewer displayed, what has been termed by many as, blatant disrespect to the President of the United States, it serves as a teachable moment about the importance of Social Intelligence and the expectation of respect in the workplace. While there has been much attention paid to Governor Brewer’s finger wagging in the face of the President, equally important is the inappropriateness of the in-your-face proximity that violates the acceptable personal space issue.   

There is no harm in fundamentally disagreeing with your boss, co-worker, or the executive leadership at your organization. In fact, the most effective leaders are those who welcome diversity in viewpoint and prefer not to surround themselves with the workplace sycophant. There is no value in a “yes man” who favors a follow-the-leader to win favor strategy as opposed to actual critical thinking and exploration of new ideas.   

Mastering the soft skill of Social Intelligence allows you to seize and control your career and manage the perception of others. It’s not always about what you do – but how you do it that matters. Your Social Intelligence is an important component of your personal brand. It speaks directly to one’s ability to appropriately perform damage control when things go wrong. Being genuine and passionate is a good thing. However, the marker of social intelligence is that you inspire confidence that you can be socially appropriate in communicating your viewpoint.



James. B
01/30/2012 07:50

The fact remains that our interenal thought process is a vital key when desirering to express our piont of view to someone of higher authority. Listing to our thoughts before we speak will only allow us to reflect on what is most important. However, consistant training at the work place will have to play an important part in how to gain someone's respect when they have something on their mind to discuss. Thought's lead to action's!

Supportive Fan
02/08/2012 14:19

It's unfortunate that some people forget or maybe don't even care that "It's not always what you say but how you say it." Which also brings to mind "Be careful how you treat people on your way Up. Because they will be the same people you'll meet on your way Down." These cliche's are especially true when it pertains to the workforce and in the world of Business. I'm looking forward to next months blog. A Supportive Fan


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